Power of Photography

A Letter To All Prospective Clients of Laura Wichman Photography:


The “power of photography” is not something that I had ever really considered as a real phenomenon.  We are bombarded with images on a daily basis with very few of them ever creating a lasting impression on us, but I can tell you that it exists and its power is amazing.

I approached Laura to take pictures of my father-in-law as a Christmas present for my wife.  I had a distinct vision of what I wanted for the pictures and discussed this vision with her.  She completely understood what I wanted to achieve. 

The actual shoot was easy.  It wasn’t the frenetic snap, snap, snap that you typically see in popular media, with lots of poses and camera changes.   It was a very deliberate and methodical approach to get the picture that matched the one in her head.  You could see the process; the thinking happen right in front of you.  It was a treat to watch.

When the pictures came in, I was stunned.  The images had detail and emotion that I hadn’t seen while standing right there in the room.  They captured everything about the man and it was like he was looking back at me.  It was a profound experience and I still feel this every time I look at them.  They are really truly amazing.  

Unfortunately, my father in law died a month after the pictures were taken, but Laura has given us something impossible to give; she gave us time.  Every time we look at them, it’s like he is there.  His pictures capture everything about him and will stay with our family forever.

I will be forever thankful for the work Laura did.  From start to finish, the process was painless and professional.  Her camera work is stunning and the final product is beyond words.


Thank you for everything

Jason Crabtree