Wall Posing

Wall Posing with Kaitlin Chapple

Laura Wichman - Photographer 

Laura Wichman is one of Durham Regions Top Women's Fine Art Photographers. Her home based studio is located in Bowmanville, Ontario.  Laura has over 11 years experience as a portrait photographer and has found her place empowering women.  She has an internationally published and award winning photographer. Laura has been teaching her creative fine art style to photographers in her home studio for the past two years. 


Kaitlin Chapple - Model

Kaitlin is a full time creative from Vancouver.  She has attended fine arts school and studied dance and music from a very young age.  After school, she started working in the talent industry in Vancouver as a dancer and performer, and also found her way into the world of modelling. In her early twenties Kaitlin made the move to Toronto in search of bigger opportunities, and lived here for a few years while becoming one of the top models.

Kaitlin now travels full-time with her wife, modelling around the world. 

At this point Kaitlin has more than a decade of experience as a model and performer. She has done work in film & television, as well as live events, stage shows, and print projects. I am proud to present Kaitlin as our model for the wall posing workshop.  

Workshop Details

Date:  Wednesday March 25, 2020

Time: 4:30-7:00 pm

Place: 150 Jennings Dr Bowmanville

Cost: $175 Early bird special $150 before Feb 5, 2020


The emphasis of this workshop will be learning how to pose your subject against a wall.  Often when you are working with people that do not have modelling experience it can be uncomfortable for them when free styling as the may feel awkward about what to do.  By positioning your subject against the wall there are so many amazing supported posses that you can't do free styling and your subject will feel more confident and secure.

Laura will lead you through wall posing in both standing and seated positions. We will also learn how to light the wall poses in a small studio space to eliminate any harsh shadows. 

Each participant will have a minimum of 20 min of time one on one with Laura to guide them through the posing. 


This workshop will also include a digital download of all of the poses that we demonstrate. 


*Please note this workshop will require a minimum of 4 people to run and once your spot is reserved it is non refundable.

If for any reason the workshop does not reach the minimum any registered participants will have their money fully refunded or credited towards a different workshop.